2014-12-09 20:00:07 by SebDaigle

Hey. I`m not sure who reads my posts or not. Anyways a new cartoon is in the works. It is a Mario Parody that tackles some issues around Nintendo and the Mario Franchise. I`m so excited to finish it and share it on Youtube and NewGrounds. :)

I started on the project in mid July, and it`s already been almost 5 months from that point. The cartoon is completely animated. I`m currently cleaning up and colouring each individual frame, so it`s hard to say when I`ll be finished as I`m also juggling between school and a part time job.

The cartoon itself will average at around a minute and 40 seconds. I`ve been taking animation a lot more seriously since my previous works. I studied and practiced with The Animator`s Survival Kit, so hopefully you`ll see some improvements when the cartoon releases :)

Just wanted to leave an update. might leave a photo in the future. that`s it that`s all. 


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